Highest Jumbo CD Rates

Jumbo CD Rates

90 Day
Avg. Rate High Low
5.499% 5.600% 5.408%
180 Day
Avg. Rate High Low
5.483% 5.550% 5.240%
1 Year
Avg. Rate High Low
5.429% 5.700% 5.060%

2 Year
Avg. Rate High Low
5.087% 5.530% 4.650%
3 Year
Avg. Rate High Low
4.785% 5.000% 4.363%
5 Year
Avg. Rate High Low
4.554% 4.850% 4.428%
CD market place

Instant access to the national
CD market place

  • Buy or sell direct
  • Millions traded daily non-brokered
  • Federally insured
  • Alternate funding source

CD investments

The ultimate investment solution

  • Never a transaction fee
  • Complete accounting package
  • Fully automated no paperwork
  • Can increase your yield by $2,000 per million invested

federally insured CD

Deposit Solutions Made Easy

  • Unlimited funding
  • Non-brokered deposit
  • Contingency liquidity
  • Can reduce deposit cost 10-20 basis points

  • "The service is really easy to use. I have received some of the highest rates and all of my investments are secure; I like the maturity graph and reports - they have been useful for my board packets."     Laura  Georgia
  • "I love the service. I've been with you all for years; since 2002. I wouldn't change for anything."     Mary  Michigan
  • "I love your customer service department. You all are there for me. I didn’t have to wait for a call back. You helped me right then and there."     Luz  California
  • "The thing that separates National CD Rateline from others , on one screen you get a full snapshot of the CD, including the early withdrawal penalty. There is no confusion and no additional information needed."     Keith  California
  • "I am pleased with the National CD Rateline service and have used it for several years. We currently have $10 million in CD's. It is quick and convenient. I regularly get 10 to 15 basis points more in interest rates and rarely use a CD broker."     Kraig  Ohio
  • "Your service is fabulous. We never had a negative situation. Your rates are higher than most. It's a win/win for everyone."     Tina  Arkansas
  • "Very pleased with your service. I enjoy the communication and relationship with customer service. There is more to it than just buying and selling. There's a whole other community out there to be a part of."     Aaron  Nebraska
  • "National CD Rateline is easy to use. It helps us find the best rates in the county. We really like the E-CD feature. Absolutely, love the porfolio feature and the feature that shows us not to over invest."     Robert  Texas
  • "We get millions of deposits and I only pay a yearly price."     Alan  Virginia
  • "It is apparent to me now that CD Rateline consistently provides significantly higher rates than two other national brokers that I use for comparison. The ease of use, customer service and reporting is excellent. Thank You!"     Roger  Iowa
  • "Everything from your website works well for us."     Greg  Iowa
  • "Everything is hands on. You guys are great."     Artie  New York
  • "Everything with your service works fine and serves our purpose well."     Ed  Texas
  • "Great service. Meets my needs for all my investing purposes."     Russell  Texas
  • "We have incorporated using National CD Rateline into our liquidity policy to raising money, (5% of Assets) If necessary, feel free to contact me as a reference."     Kraig  Ohio
  • "I am very happy with National CD Rateline and happy that you steadily make improvements to your website."     Michael  Illinois
  • "I find the website very useful. It's resourceful and it has helped us bring in non-brokered deposits when we needed them."     Paul  Iowa
  • "I love the service and I think you are great."     Trinh  Virginia
  • "I love the service. You're always adding new things."     Cheryl  New York
  • "I love the service. I have no issues. I came across a problem and one of your customer service representatives walked me through it and everything was great. I love the reports you have on the site and everything works great."     Maria  Washington
  • "I love the service. I went to great lengths to learn the service. Debby is a wonderful asset and is great. She always helps me and puts up with me."     Yvonne  New Mexicon
  • "I love the service. Its going so well for me. I'd much rather have the service than use the brokers like I was before."     Andrew  Texas
  • "Our experience with the National CD Rateline service continues to be very positive."     Greg  Wisconsin
  • "The recent changes to your website are a big help."     Denise  New Jersey
  • "The service is always improving and makes our life easier. I love the service."     Larry  Florida
  • "The service is excellent. Anytime I need to use the site, it's great. I never have any problems."     Mike  Nebraska
  • "The service is perfect. I never had it so easy. All you have to do is click."     Teresa  South Carolina
  • "The service is so easy. We love the service."     Karen  Wyoming
  • "The service is super. I have a large portfolio, it takes nothing to maintain it."     Lee  Idaho
  • "The use of the site is easy. Very easy to navigate. The main menu is my favorite feature. It is so helpful to me. It is a quick glance for everything,"     Katie  Iowa
  • "The website operates smoothly. My favorite feature is the automated delivery safe keeping receipt. The service is great."     Robert  California
  • "We are more than happy with your service. It's so user friendly. Everyone is always ready to help and Debby is a wonderful asset to your company."     MaryAnne  New York
  • "We don't use National CD Rateline very often but when we doit's proven to be very valuable."     Glenn  Kentucky
  • "We have used your service for several years and have been very happy with the paperless process. Keep up the good work!"     Cecilia  Texas
  • "We will always go with National CD Rateline. You all are AWESOME!!"     Dee Dee  North Dakota
  • "Your system is very handy. We've used it for years and has really been an invaluable time saver. If you invest in CD's on a regualar basis, it's worth having."     Peter  Missouri
  • "National CD Rateline is awesome. It is so easy to use. When putting rates out there and editing the profile, it is so easy to do and there is always a wonderful customer service team to help if needed."     Dan  Wisconsin
  • "I love the service. It is very easy to use and makes my life so much easier. You have an excellent customer service team. Everytime I have called, everyone is so nice and always helps me without a problem."     Kay  Minnesota
  • "very pleased - so much so-- that i\ve been using you more than Qwickrate. You all have an excellent customer service."     David  New York
  • "National CD Rateline is easy to use. It helps us find the best rates in the country. We really like the e-CD feature. I absolutely love the organized portfolio and the feature that prevents us from overinvesting."     Robert  Texas
  • "I love the service. It is the easiest part of my day. I don't know what I would do without it."     Valerie  Wisconsin
  • "I love the service. I am happy that I signed up. I have noticed we can bring in funds cheaper with National CD Rateline then Federal Home Loan Bank."     Mike  Kansas
  • "National CD Rateline is great. I love the accrual report. The fact that it can tell me my accrued interest for the month is so helpful."     Suzy  Wisconsin
  • "I have been using National CD Rateline for several years now. The system is very user friendly and always has great investment options available. I would recommend National CD Rateline to everyone."     Kelly  Pennsylvania
  • "National CD Rateline is wonderful. The service is easy to use. The rates are great. Every time I call for assistance, the Customer Service team is very helpful."     Don  Kentucky
  • "I love how National CD Rateline takes all of our suggestions and makes the improvements to the website. My favorite feature is the Customer Service, you are only a phone call or a click away. I think the customer service department is your biggest asset."     Shirley  Missouri
  • "We have been using National CD Rateline to track our CD's for about 3 years now. It is so easy to sort and find the information I need at just the click of the mouse and saves me so much time!"     Donna  Nebraska
  • "National CD Rateline has a very professional and excellent Customer Service Department. My favorite feature on the site is the rate robot which is always alerting me to new rates."     Brandon  Texas
  • "National CD Rateline has proven to be an important tool in managing our liquidity needs. We use it for both funding and investment purposes. The system is very easy to use and we have access to a complete marketplace for CDs. I highly recommend it."     Maria  Florida
  • "The service is great. It's very easy to use. I love getting the highest rates."     Mark  Iowa
  • "National CD Rateline is great, I go on the website everyday. Since, we invest and bring in money, my favorite feature is the main menu. It shows me what I have coming up in both departments."     Sara  Oklahoma
  • "National CD Rateline is great and very easy to use."     Mardell  Nebraska
  • "I love National CD Rateline. The website is very user friendly and the staff is wonderful. Anytime I have an issue, I always get a phone call returned right away. If they don’t have the solution, they let me know they are working on it."     Antia  Maryland
  • "National CD Rateline has greatly increased our return on our investments. It is easy to use and fulfills all our needs. I love the record keeping. I would highly recommend this service to others."     Marie  Pennsylvania
  • "National CD Rateline is great. I enjoy the fact that I can keep track of my CDs in the online portfolio. There are so many different types of reports I can run. I think the reports are my favorite features."     Larry  Kansas
  • "I am very happy with the National CD Rateline product. I have not needed to call customer service very often since it so user friendly."     Debbie  Illinois
  • "We have used National CD Rateline for over 5 years and now have over 20 million in CD investments through this service. This has helped us achieve an average investment yield  approximately 30 bp higher than our credit union peers."     Denny  Massachusetts
Funding +
Maintain and manage liquidity with our tool to meet your obligations.
Most powerful tool in Jumbo CD Industry. No broker, per-transaction or rollover fee.
Keep track of the market trend to foresee and capitalize on funding and investment.
Accounting Package
Take advantage of our complete simple and flexible CD management system.
Core Retail Deposits
Core / Retail
Financially productive and non-brokered funding highly valuable.


Maintaining and managing the right mix of liquidity tools required to fund assets and meet obligations is arguably the most important responsibility any bank owes to its financial well being and that of its shareholders.

National CD Rateline has built its reputation and success with clients by greatly simplifying and speeding up the funding transactions in Jumbo CDs.


Investor institutions looking for a soft landing for excess liquidity will find no better or more accessible trading floor than National CD Rateline. At any given moment of every day, thousands of qualified Investment Managers can be found discovering and taking advantage of Jumbo CD investment opportunities on www.cdrateline.com. And for good reason.

National CD Rateline is quite simply the most powerful tool in the Jumbo CD industry. There are no broker fees. No per-transaction or rollover fees. Savvy investors know and appreciate the value of our low cost, highly effective subscription rates. And since you have free rein to deal directly with the institutions you choose, you save literally thousands of dollars compared to other sources.

What’s more, our clients are given all the necessary tools to develop a sound diversification policy of your own, with the greatest potential for profitability at the least cost. There is no expensive software to support. We do the job for you, surveying thousands of institutions daily, giving you unlimited daily purchasing power to invest in Federally insured top Jumbo CD offerings across the country. Our one-of-a-kind interactive web site puts at your fingertips the ability to place your investment directly with the depository. No middlemen. No sticky fingers.

National CD Rateline has been consistently profitable and continues, along with our clients, to prosper. Our growth has been made possible through a simplified and highly flexible online buy/sell template, innovative marketing campaigns, sales presentations, participation in financial conventions, and guest-speaking engagements.

If you’re looking for a way to prosper by maintaining control of your investments and remaining directly involved in the buying and selling process, we invite you to take a look at National CD Rateline. We’re about more than merely freeing you up to deal direct and save thousands of dollars. We’re about the result: our clients earn an average of 25 basis points higher on their investments.


Built into the National CD Rateline methodology is a process that many other ratings services either do not provide at all, or offer as a stand-alone profit center. It is benchmarking, sometimes referred to as “process benchmarking” or “best practice benchmarking.” And it is part of the package when you become a National CD Rateline annual subscriber.

Benchmarking is an invaluable management tool that will keep you totally wired in not only to current market trends but also the historic scenarios that set the stage for present events. This balancing of past against present will help you insulate against interest rate risk, while also giving you the opportunity to foresee and capitalize on funding and investment options during market fluctuations.

Our experience with clients is that benchmarking is a process which managements, particularly strategic managements, already appreciate and use in evaluating various aspects of their processes in relation to “best practice,” usually within their own sector. Sometimes thought of as a one-off event, in today’s volatile marketing environment it is more and more being included in the marketing mix as a continuous process by which smart organizations seek to raise the bar by constantly seeking to challenge their practices.

National CD Rateline clients have come to rely on the benchmarking process as integrated directly into our daily buy/sell discipline. It is our goal to keep you on top of your game when it comes to the bottom line.


National CD Rateline’s innovative accounting package will save you an enormous amount of time, time better spent on meeting the minute-by-minute challenges of an ever-evolving financial marketplace.

Far and away the most experienced and technologically advanced Rate Service… as well as the most simplified, most flexible, most liberating… our accounting department offers all the time-tasking components of a complete CD management system. It facilitates detailed Search Filtering, features a Financial Calculator, a comprehensive, daily-updated Rate Average Graph, and free 24/7 Technical Support.

Most notably, clients can enjoy the ultimate luxury of our e-mail innovation: Rate Robot where you don’t even need to be logged into the system. Our Rate Robot enables you to receive email offerings customized to your specifications. Just enter the information once and the system will notify you whenever an offer becomes available.

Clients now have at their fingertips the ability to keep track of their entire portfolio at a moment’s notice. Simply clicking on to their own Maturity Graph, for instance, enables them to chart their maturities from one to 60 months, note where they are concentrated, consider laddering their portfolios more evenly.

Our Accounting Package makes creating your own Accrual Report a snap. Click on the institution or institutions involved to produce a complete rundown of interest accrued, payments received, accrual balances, last payments, and their amounts. Audits become automatic, whether they be for a detailed report on any investment in your portfolio, a bulk payment overview, or an audit confirmation notification. Pop-up Institutional Alerts, highlighting investments you already own, safeguard you from doubling up on investments.

Other popular features generated by our accounting software include our list of Top Ten Rates, emailed to clients twice weekly, as well as a convenient and time-saving private directory of all pertinent information regarding your bank transactions, such as key contact people, their phone numbers and extensions, and certificate numbers.

When it comes to keeping you financially informed, count on us to keep you fully accountable.

Core / Retail

In today’s volatile marketplace, banks looking for financially productive and viable sources of funding welcome deposits obtained through National CD Rateline. Considering them to be non-brokered status, these bankers classify such funding as core deposits.

And the FDIC backs them up in this assessment. The FDIC classifies a rate board as a “non-brokered listing service’ if it meets certain criteria:

  • It must charge clients subscription fees only.
  • No fees will be levied based on the number or dollar value of CDs placed.
  • The rate board performs no services for clients except the gathering and transmission of information.
  • It is not involved in placing deposits.

National CD Rateline qualifies on all counts. Core deposits are typically thought of as lower cost funding sources that lag behind other sources in the need for re-pricing during a period or rising interest rates.

However, the core issue remains where to find funding that will withstand the uncertainties of today’s market. It is far truer in the mega-markets that hold sway in modern economies that Jumbo CD time-deposits have proven to be the more relatively stable funding sources… and the most fiscally productive.

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